New Songs in 2023

31 Dec 2023 | News

Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and around the world...  Here's the new songs of we played in 2023.

Listen to them on our Definition Radio 2023 Spotify playlist.

"Father Abraham (ft. WHATUPRG)" by 1K Phew
"On Fire (ft. Zaytoven)" by 1K Phew
"Howler (ft. Aligned Vision)" by 678NATH
"Setbacks" by 678NATH
"Bonnets & Bantus" by A.I. the Anomaly
"Don't Eat Crow" by A.I. the Anomaly
"Float (ft. Selah Tha Corner & Carolinah Blu)" by A.I. the Anomaly
"Privilege (ft. Experience Voices)" by A.I. the Anomaly
"Sibling Rivalry (ft. Selah The Corner, Carolinah Blu)" by A.I. the Anomaly
"Childish (w/ Loso)" by Aable
"Up" by Aaron Cole
"Don't Lay It Down (ft. Justin Martyr)" by Aasha Marie
"Let's Feast (ft. A.I. The Anomaly)" by Aasha Marie
"Midnight Blues (ft. Johnnie Mae)" by Aasha Marie
"Nobody Greater (ft. D. Lylez & Kristen Lowe)" by Aasha Marie
"Higher (ft. Marizu & Reblah)" by Agent Snypa
"Masterpiece" by Alert312
"They Forgot About Me (ft. Classmaticc)" by B.E.R.I.D.O.X.
"Beanies & Donuts" by Beanies & Snapbacks
"Burg Slang (ft. J.Solo & DJ Sureshot)" by Beanies & Snapbacks
"The Feeling (ft. Javy XI)" by Beanies & Snapbacks
"Love Thy Neighbour (ft. Yazmyn Hendrix)" by Beleaf Melanin
"Truth Is" by Billz & BEKY
"Falling" by Blsd One
"Bye Bye (ft. Miquel)" by BRM
"Flood Your Mind (Remix)" by Brother E
"Hideous" by C4 Crotona
"Run To You (ft. Jay Collins & Cephas)" by C4 Crotona
"Criminals in Action (ft. Taylor Gray & The Resistance)" by Cephas
"Every Knee Shall Bow (ft. Datin)" by Cephas
"Four Walls (ft. J Carter)" by Cephas
"Name Above All (ft. D-Maub & J Carter)" by Cephas
"Pick your head up son (ft. Javy XI & Kaden Jordan)" by Christopher Sone Franklin
"Saved by Grace" by Clowner
"BLIND : FAITH" by Cyfë II
"Elevate" by D4C
"Real Hip Hop (Transformed) (ft. Krosswerdz)" by D4C
"Fight The Good Fight (ft. Iron Will, Ty Scott King, Go Ye & the Found8tion)" by Daniel Anthony
"Bounce Back (ft. Monster Tarver)" by Datin
"I Used To" by Dee Black
"Immersed" by Dee Witness
"It's Okay (ft. Susan Carol, Byron Juane & Greg James)" by Derek Minor
"Third Day" by Derek Minor
"Roc Tha Mic" by DJ LostnFound
"Sonshine (ft. Stevie Rizo, Mike Teezy & Emcee N.I.C.E)" by DJ LostnFound
"Feel It (ft. Ruslan)" by Dubem
"That Ain't It (ft. Miles Minnick & Zee)" by E.G.R
"Christ Mode" by E.Man
"Proclaim (ft. Jermaine & Uzo Buks)" by E.Man
"Yeah (ft. Jarrett Burton)" by Emcee N.I.C.E.
"Knucklehead (ft. Bill B. & TLS)" by GB
"Still I Rise" by Genesiz
"Closer (ft. Mouthpi3ce, Dee Black & Germaine Martel)" by Grand Varsity
"Amplify (ft. Darkovibes)" by Guvna B
"Python (ft. A.I. The Anomaly)" by H.U.R.T.
"Holy Ground (ft. YP, C4 Crotona, Da Commissioner)" by Hollyboogz
"Altar (ft. Forest Frank)" by Hulvey
"Walk (ft. Lecrae)" by Hulvey
"40 Days" by indie tribe.
"Below The Belt Freestyle (Mogli the Iceburg, nobigdyl, Jon Keith & DJ Mykael V)" by indie tribe.
"Slidin" by indie tribe.
"Who Am I (eh-eh)" by Isatta Sheriff
"Stay Strong (ft. Jonnie 3:16)" by Izzy n The Profit
"Strain (ft. DJ Maniak)" by Izzy n The Profit
"All God (ft. 1K Phew)" by J-Nibb
"Beat The Block" by J. Monty
"Double Sided Coin" by J.RUMZ
"Uh Oh (Here I Go Again) (ft. MaxOne)" by Jeremiah Bonds
"Love (ft. Young C)" by Jm3
"What Is This (ft. Armond Wakeup)" by Jonathan Baker
"Exodus" by Jonnie 3:16
"Great Gain" by Jonnie 3:16
"Faith (ft." by Junyah
"Freestyle" by Junyah
"Matthew 4:4 (ft. The Profit)" by Junyah
"My Lord, My God (ft. Frisko)" by Junyah
"TYJ (ft. The Plowman)" by Junyah
"Cold Streets (ft. Thre)" by Justin Martyr
"Don't Mind Me" by K-WAK
"Rush (ft. Joe Bills)" by Kaboose
"Sunrise" by King Jims
"NYC Cypher Series pt 5" by Kingdom Times
"One Percent Better" by KJ-52
"Summer Rd." by Knaladeus
"Get 2 Ya (ft. DG)" by Knick Knack
"Glory (ft. Disciple Theory)" by Konata Small
"Breaking Bread (ft. Oakbridge, Randy Mason, Mastermind, DJ Aslan)" by Krosswerdz
"Runaway (ft. River, Jon Corbin, DIE-REK)" by Krosswerdz
"Capital G (ft. Manchild)" by Krum (Playdough)
"Sivion's Poem (ft. Sivion)" by Krum (Playdough)
"You Will Listen (Freddie Bruno Remix)" by Krum (Playdough)
"The City Freestyle" by Kyle Wilkins
"My Daddy (ft. Rehmahz & Reblah)" by LAMB CULTURE.
"Can You Hear Me Now? (ft. D Smoke)" by Lecrae
"Legacy (ft. J Paul The Carpenter)" by Lecrae
"Misconceptions 4 (ft. nobigdyl, A.I. The Anomaly, Jon Keith)" by Lecrae
"Take Me Up (ft. WHATUPRG)" by Lecrae
"This is my Time" by Lecrae
"Your Power (ft. Tasha Cobbs Leonard)" by Lecrae
"Switchin' Lanes Remix (ft. Jonnie 3:16 & Mvkeyy J)" by LiCoN
"Glad You Came (ft. Victoria Tamaki & HjT)" by Licy Be
"Heels & Hoodies" by Licy Be
"Plot Twist" by Licy Be
"Christmas In Detroit (ft. Choirboy Bell)" by Marqus Anthony
"The King (Forever) (w/ DJ Lethal Skillz)" by MC One Nine
"Echoes of Eternity" by Mistery
"Got Bars?" by Mitch Darrell
"Be Somebody (ft. Alyssa Jane)" by MotionPlus / MP Ancient
"Not Time To Go (ft. Military Mindset Productions)" by Mouthpi3ce
"God's Way (ft. Calibleubird)" by Mytrell Foreman 
"CAREFUL (ft. Cordae)" by NF
"Happy" by NF
"Hope" by NF
"Go With The Ghost" by nobigdyl.
"President" by nobigdyl.
"Doomsday Clock" by NomiS
"Forest (ft. Propaganda)" by NomiS
"Symbiotic" by NomiS
"Refuse (ft. Jonnie 3:16, Izzy n The Profit)" by Oakbridge
"Change (ft. SEFZ & GIDEON)" by oneinamiri
"Testimony On Testimony" by oneinamiri
"Damage Control (ft. DJ Sean P, Von Pea & Theory Hazit)" by Paradox & ReFlex the Architect
"Deep Cuts" by PEABOD
"Off Rip" by Peedy Case
"Damaged (ft. Qew, Adrion Butler & Monster Tarver)" by Phathom
"Fly Away (ft. Datin, Dillon Chase, Ambassador & J. Rice)" by Phathom
"Falling" by Prafit Josiah
"Amazing Grace (ft. iNTELLECT & JusJames)" by Procyse
"For The Culture (ft. iNTELLECT & TC)" by Procyse
"Showtime" by Q-Flo
"good vibes (magic) [with wande]" by Que Parks
"Cloth Talk (ft. DJ Mykael V)" by R-Swift
"Night Skies Over Knob Hill" by Raging Moses
"Go Tell it (A Christmas Hip Hop Jam)" by Randy Mason
"Yes Lawd (Nah Man) (ft. Kei-Landa & DJ Lethal Skillz)" by Randy Mason
"Need More Grace (ft. R-Scar & TBabz)" by Reblah
"Spread the Word (ft. S.O.)" by Reblah
"That's Gospel (ft. TBabz & Still Blessed Music)" by Reblah
"Struggle Til I Die" by Regenerit
"Thanks for the Update" by Regenerit
"Claim To Be" by Revive The Youth (R.T.Y)
"Praise Ya!" by Revive The Youth (R.T.Y)
"Don't Look At Me (ft. Inia)" by River Movement
"Turn Around (ft. Scribe)" by River Movement
"Galations 5v1" by RoyalpriestHood
"Corazon (ft. MC Ari)" by Rubinsky RBK
"En El Estudio Con (w/ D-One Music)" by Rubinsky RBK
"Hermano Mio" by Rubinsky RBK
"La Oracion" by Rubinsky RBK
"Nada Pa Nosotros (ft. Dani Machine)" by Rubinsky RBK
"Sunshine" by Ruslan
"What Up? (ft. Terem)" by Sareem Poems
"Global Swarming (7Lock, Chazz Murphy, Jeremiah Dirt)" by Shadow of the Locust
"in the Name of (RVL, Jeremiah Dirt)" by Shadow of the Locust
"Rhymes & Roses 2.0 (ft. A.I. the Anomaly, Aasha Marie & B. Angelique)" by Shakiah
"Broken Cisterns" by Si Knightly
"Faithful (ft. Femmie)" by Si Knightly
"Good Shepard (ft. Knick Knack)" by Si Knightly
"Power in Weakness (ft. King Jims)" by Si Knightly
"Blaze Runner (ft. Malex)" by Sivion
"Come Through Me (ft. Malex, Braille & Infored)" by Sivion
"Heavy Gunner (ft. MALEX)" by Sivion
"Straight Cool (ft. Males, Mokah Soulfly & Nigel Rivers)" by Sivion
"What it is (ft. MALEX & Lady)" by Sivion
"Again (ft. Jon Keith)" by Social Club Misfits
"God On My Side (Me & The Boys Remix) (ft. Ty Brasel)" by Social Club Misfits
"Got What You Need (ft. Jordan Feliz)" by Social Club Misfits
"Is That Okay (ft. Lecrae)" by Social Club Misfits
"Without You (ft. Riley Clemmons)" by Social Club Misfits
"Body Roc (ft. Chille Baby & Mr Solo)" by Soup the Chemist
"Shine (ft. Wiz Killer)" by Soup the Chemist
"Work, Work, Work" by Spoken Nerd
"God Bless the Real" by StefanOtto
"The Rebirth (ft. Cephas & Knaladeus)" by StefanOtto
"ÇA VA ALLER (ft. Ti-Yo)" by Still Shadey
"Proverbs & Beats (ft. S.O.)" by Still Shadey
"God We Need You Now (ft. Caitlynne Curtis)" by Struggle Jennings
"We Go On (ft. JohnO, Solomon Headen, Ashley Merrell)" by Swoope
"Work Real Hard (ft. JohnO & Jackie Hill Perry)" by Swoope
"Have a Nice Day (ft. 1K Phew)" by Tedashii
"NORF (ft. Aable, Q-Flo & Prodi Da Prodigal)" by Tee Wyla
"Called Me" by Th3rdkind
"Keep in Touch" by Th3rdkind
"For The Record (ft. Ohmega Watts)" by The Bamboos
"Blessing (ft. JRDN & Junyah)" by The Plowman
"You Are (ft. Nox)" by The Plowman
"Operation Counterstrike (ft. Grungy Boguez, Zae Da Blacksmith)" by The Praying Mantis
"Super Schemes (ft. Grungey Boguez)" by The Praying Mantis
"The CRHYME Scene (ft. Grungy Boguez)" by The Praying Mantis
"Mourning Laps (ft. Izzy, Old Mate Hamb, MotionPlus)" by The Profit
"Stay (ft. Sophia Marzano)" by The Profit
"The Cypher" by The Profit
"Like or Love it (ft. Jeremiah Bilgen)" by Thre
"Recipe" by TNV (That New Vessel)
"At The Cross (ft. Madison Ryan Ward)" by Trip Lee
"Glory" by Trip Lee
"Standby (ft. Hulvey)" by Trip Lee
"Bruised Heel" by Verbal Renaissance 
"Hands In The Air (ft. Justin Martyr, Aasha Marie, Regenerit & Rashawna)" by Verbal Renaissance 
"The Word of God" by Verbal Renaissance 
"VR Cypher (ft. Zae Da Blacksmith, B. Angelique & Chrys Jones)" by Verbal Renaissance 
"Welcome to the VR (ft. Justin Martyr, Aasha Marie, Regenerit & Rashawna)" by Verbal Renaissance 
"Afro Frontier" by Village KNG
"Forward Motion" by Village KNG
"Harriet Tubman (ft. Rocket & DJ Skillspinz)" by Village KNG
"King (ft. J2 Simalonda)" by Village KNG
"Nations (ft. Reblah)" by Vonte Grace
"Old School" by Vonte Grace
"Fellowship (ft. Oscar The Disciple)" by Vytal One
"Sword of Truth" by Vytal One
"STEPPIN (ft. Queen Lee)" by Wande
"City of Dreams (ft. Collistar, Wole Agbaje & Imprint Worship)" by We Got Love Project
"Aquafina" by WHATUPRG
"God Made a Way" by WHATUPRG
"Bethlehem (ft. Knick Knack & Classmaticc)" by Wysemen
"Noel (ft. Goodwritt3ns, Kajmir Kwest & Mike Victory)" by Wysemen
"Child Proof (w/ JKZN)" by Young C
"Close to You (ft. ARTE)" by Young C
"F.O.G." by Young C
"Flip the Tables (ft. William Cata)" by Young C
"Flowers (w/ Jkzn)" by Young C
"Guard the Body" by Young C
"If It Ain't You (w/ Jkzn)" by Young C
"Kill Switch" by Young C
"Talk About God (w/ JKZN)" by Young C
"Bad Intentions" by Young Faith
"Move" by Young Faith
"Hit Different (Remix) (ft. Egr)" by Zee
"Lose My Way (ft. Egr)" by Zee

...that's 230 new songs played in 2023!

Happy New Year! 🥳🎊