Hottest of 2016

14 Jan 2017 | News

The hottest new releases in 2016 played on Definition Radio!

This is based on your playlist "likes" and Internet plays.  Here's the full list(s):


"What's Your Story?" by Sounds Like Dsipl

"We Be" by Krosswerdz Krew

"Belief" by Zii

"Brisbane Native" by Nameless feat. Rezadent

"Forgotten Roads" by The Poet & The Profit

"Rites of Passage" by The 4 Fathers

"Party Song" by Altty & L Fire

"Modern Day Lynching" by Izzy & Tornado

"Let You Know" by Premiss feat. Marksman Lloyd & Coin Banks

"Blackout" by Izzy n The Profit

"Pause" by Marksman Lloyd feat. Coin Banks

"Cloud Nine" by Altty & L Fire

"Strictly Underground" by Izzy

"This is Afrika" by Zii

"Seven Laps" by Marksman Lloyd


"Winning Feeling" by B. Reith feat. Christon Gray

"Abraham's Nephew's Wife" by Krum

"I Don't See You at the Club" by Arrested Development

"Skittles & Iced Tea" by Hostyle Gospel feat. John Givez

"All I Got" by S.O.

"Real Ones" by Alex Faith feat. Adan Bean

"Throne" by Swift feat. Eshon Burgundy

"Petty" by Ruslan

"Help Me Find My Way" by Thi'sl

"#TRENDY" by K. Sparks

"Good Music" by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K.

"Here, 2016" by Sho Baraka feat. Lecrae

"Weight" by Mr J Medeiros

"Blast Off" by The Allergies feat. Andy Cooper

"You Know It" by Derek Minor feat. BJ the Chicago Kid

"Hallelujah All Day" by Datin

"Stop Me" by Christon Gray

"Righteous War" by Sevin feat. IllumiNate

"No Hate" by Bizzle feat. Bumps Inf

"Against Us Remix" by Dee-1 feat. Lupe Fiasco, Big K.R.I.T.

"I Got the Juice" by Dream Junkies

"Sidelines" by Lecrae

"Real" by NF

Of course there was stacks more hot songs by many of the artists listed.  But we included just their hottest song, especially if they're not from Australia.

Here's the shows where we played the hottest of the hot songs: