Sevin emerged on the scene at age 17 with his debut Gospel Rap album “All or None”.  He's since toured the world (including Australia).  Sevin specialises in bringing the gospel to the youth on the streets that might not have the message of Jesus Christ but through rap music.

He has ministered along side some of the great names in Gospel music including, Kirk Franklin, The Kenoly Brothers, The Gospel Gangstaz, and many more.  Over the years Sevin has evolved from the new kid on the West Coast block to the well-seasoned lyrical giant he is today.  After the release of “All or None”, Sevin continued dropping more anointed albums about real life issues and his journey and relationship with Christ.

All of Sevin’s music is grim and graphic in nature, but nevertheless upholds a very heavy evangelistic overtone.  This is rap for people that are lost in the streets and are looking for another way out.  Sevin’s style and lyrical genius is already having him ranked with the likes of rap greats such as Scarface and the legendary 2Pac.

Sevin also is the founder of HOG MOB ministries.

HOG MOB is an acronym that stands for: “HOOK’D ON GOD-MINISTRY OVA BIZNESS”.  What this basically means is, we addictively desire and actively pursue a relationship with the one true and living God.  We also choose to live a life that serves his purpose not our own.  HOG MOB is about Kingdom Business...infiltrating our urban communities and seeing change in lives thru our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tracks We've Played

Been There B4 (ft. Sevin Duce)

Savage (ft. Datin, K. Allico, Gemstones)

The Greatest

Finally Home   (2010)

And Wut!

Dem Don Kno Me (feat. B-Rone & Dre)

I Need Tha Gospel (ft. Paul Washer)

Involved (ft. Brotha Ruff)

Reel Game

Show Me (ft. Reign)

Purple Reign   (2011)

Armaggeddon Anthem (ft. Sev7 N 2 Uce)

Best I Can B

End of Dayz

Hevin Help Us (ft. Brotha Ruff)

In It Not Of It

Last Time Around


Commissary   (2013)



Pray 4 My Hood   (2015)

Bout Whuteva (ft. Illuminate)

Pray 4 My Hood (ft. Illuminate)

Rydin' (ft. Seven T)

Purple Heart   (2016)

Righteous War (ft. Illumi Nate)


Time Go (ft. Bizzle & Eric C)

Zion (ft. Bizzle & Lavoisier)

P4MH: Church in the Jungle   (2017)


Church in the Jungle (ft. Faith Pettis)

Somebody Lied (ft. H.U.R.T.)

Sunrise (ft. Tiz tha Gator & Dada)