The Profit

Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Working hard in the community and in the hip hop community.  Working with local youth groups, Krosswerdz, community events, basically just going nuts wherever he can.  But his actual job is Youth/Music mentor at the MMAD charity.  Livin' the dream!

The Profit's goal is to have music that is real, relevant, uplifting, and purposeful.  He says, "I like having this as an avenue and platform to get a message across and I aim to inspire and empower, share my life, my experience, my passions and my faith.  But more importantly to make people feel good and give them something to enjoy.  I also like having material that can be performed across the board, whether it be at a skate park, a pub, a nightclub, a youth group, or just a car-park or lounge-room."

Tracks We've Played

Day By Day (ft. Zeadala)

Mourning Laps (ft. Izzy, Old Mate Hamb, MotionPlus)


Sidewalk Psychology (ft. Ryland Junior)

Stay (ft. Sophia Marzano)

The Cypher

Weigh Me Down (ft. D. Minor & Izzy)

When I Wake Up (ft. ReFlex The Architect, JustMe & Chang Po Ching)

Self Regicide   (2010)

Coastal (ft. Dominic Brook, Emma O)

Get Funked (ft. DJ Krypt)

Home Away From Home

Keep Livin' (ft. Drakezilla & Scarecrow)

The Werd On The Street (ft. Krosswerdz)

What We Love (ft. Izzy)

Uprock Compilation 2012   (2012)

Hold Back The Night

Back-Burning 3B   (2014)

Let It Burn

Uprock Compilation 2014   (2014)

Bring the Heat

Late Nights   (2015)

Got My Style (ft. DJ Maniak)

Late Nights

Our World

Take Control (ft. Manziere (Wizdm & Jabs))

Tools Of The Trade (ft. Will Small, Shelly.H & DJ Maniak)

Under Your Spell (ft. MiZi)

What Is Hip Hop? (ft. Oakbridge, Slers, DJ Maniak)

Uprock Compilation 2017   (2017)

Matter of Time (ft. Oakbridge)

Uprock Compilation 2018   (2018)

Liu Kang

Early Mornings   (2019)


Uprock Compilation 2019   (2019)