Nate Feuerstein's musical style is rap, and his lyrical composition is 100% from the heart and demands a response, a call to action, for believer and unbeliever alike!

"NFrealmusic is a movement and a calling that God has put on my life to bring kids to a place of encountering a real God, and real Truth, without 'sugar coating' life along the way.  When people think of real, they think of real life, as in the reality of things, and that's what this music is about: My testimony of walking through real life issues and putting what I’ve experienced into a song.  One minute we might be praising Jesus through a song, and the next minute asking God why we are going through this circumstance, but in the end it all comes down to…. lets be real!"

Tracks We've Played



Just Like You

Lost (ft. Hopsin)

No Name

Paid My Dues

Mansion   (2015)

All I Have



Wake Up

Therapy Session   (2016)

I Just Wanna Know

Intro 2

Oh Lord


Perception   (2017)

Green Lights

Let You Down

The Search   (2019)

My Stress

The Search


When I Grow Up