River Movement


River Movement create a raw, warm and emotive mix of rap verses and acoustic harmony-woven melodies, which are so well suited to the each other that you will wonder if folk and rap are indeed long lost soul-mates.

River Movement originated as Weather Permitting & began in 2012 in Canberra as three musicians began sharing their songs and different styles with one another.  At the moment, River Movement has expanded as different members come from NSW and QLD so the band is like a Collective.

Tracks We've Played

Burn it All Down (ft. C-Side)

Don't Look At Me (ft. Inia)

It All Goes Away

Know You More (ft. Sole Option)

Turn Around (ft. Scribe)

Wasting Moments

What Child is This

Uprock Compilation 2018   (2018)

Higher Ground (ft. Ryan Winslade)

Impending Light   (2019)

Foiled By The Love (ft. Candid Remark)

Hark (ft. The Profit)

Live Like You (ft. Emily Brimlow)

Mirror (ft. Raw Torque)

River Cypher (ft. River, Shelly.H, Raw Torque, Mike Holberton, Benji Winslade, C-Side)

They Say