People want more from hip-hop.  People want responsibility, integrity, and hope.  theBREAX give the people what they really want more of.  They make music that is true to the roots of hip-hop and true to the hopes and dreams of the people who love it.  theBREAX hip-hop that the people deserve– genuine, provocative and refreshing.

theBREAX are the type of guys people relate to and rally around.  They are fathers, husbands, and leaders who aren’t ashamed of their faith, and who champion real manhood and integrity.

Front man, Ruslan, is an Armenian refugee born in Baku, Azerbaijan.  He moved to San Diego as a child in the 1990’s after his family fled from religious persecution in their own country.  Ruslan would later meet Beleaf, a Baltimore native who was nearly homeless and moved to San Diego in search of a new beginning.  The two formed a fast friendship around their shared love for hip-hop.

Ruslan eventually gave Beleaf a set of turntables and encouraged him to put his love for music into action. Beleaf instantly discovered his talent as a DJ and MC.  The duo discovered they shared not only a love for hip-hop, but a burning desire to get better and a commitment to perfect their craft.  Together, they decided to form a hip-hop crew that would make an impact on hip-hop culture, the San Diego community, and the world.

theBREAX have been doing exactly that.  The crew has grown to include Mic B on drums, Jruckers on keys, and Bam on bass.  Together, they have cultivated a large and diverse community of loyal fans through their own headlining shows, and opening up for world-class acts such as Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Arrested Development, Lecrae, War, and Fred Hammond.

Tracks We've Played

Brilliant Realness (ft. Sho Baraka)

Charisma (ft. Fonzworth Bentley)

I'm on One (ft. John Givez)

Passion Art (Yap Yap)

TheBREAX   (2007)

Ask A Simple Question

Cold War


Night Owls 4   (2008)

We Will Not Stop (ft. LMNO)

Restocked 1.5   (2009)

Aww Yeah

Blessed Beyond

For What


Press On

remixWednesdays   (2011)


Rock With You (ft. Theory Hazit)

Whip My Hair (remix) (ft. NomiS & Willow)

Never Arrive   (2012)

Down (ft. Sean C. Johnson)

Never Arrive (ft. Lecrae)