Cas Metah

Ohio, USA

Cas Metah fell in love with hip-hop as a teenager.  Never one to shy away from commitment, CAS wrote raps for two years before ever touching a microphone!  In 1997 he began recording homemade mixtapes and gaining a rep locally.  In 2002 CAS pressed up Key Tah Life, his first album of all original material.  A chance meeting with former SolSeeker/TunnelRat, JustMe in ‘03, led to a great friendship and the formation of Scribbling Idiots.

Tracks We've Played

Heart & Soul (ft. Lyriz, Motionplus)

Knight Fall (ft. Manchild & Sintax.the.Terrific)

Piece Be Still

Way Back (ft. Holmskillit, Theory Hazit)

Guest Room   (2009)

Get Right (ft. Soul P. & MotionPlus)

I Strain (ft. CunninLynguists, JustMe)

Laying the Foundation (ft. Lightheaded)

This Can't Be True (ft. T-mo Goodie and Jawz of Life)

Told U So (ft. Masta Ace, Theory Hazit, JustMe)

Aussie Ausbourne   (2015)

Came To Get Live (ft. Oakbridge)

Paid To Play (ft. Jabs & Flexx Abyladeez)

Step Up (ft. Brethren & Mista Sinista)

Survival (ft. Slers, L-Fire & Mista Sinista)

Turn The Tables (ft. Dregz, Rezadent, Bombeardo & DJ FlipFlop)

WHUTUGONDU? (ft. Izzy n The Profit)

Old Fashioned   (2015)

Felony Offenders (ft. Playdough, Deacon The Villain & Copywrite)

Fire (ft. JustMe)

Force Of The Beast (Remix)

Jason Bourne (ft. June Marx & Kevlaar 7)

Looking Back (ft. Donte, Mellow Drum Addict, Thee Tom Hardy)

Uprock Compilation 2015   (2015)

Brand New Old School (ft. EF Cuttin)

Second Wind   (2016)

Felony Offenders (Remix) (ft. Krum, Deacon The Villain, Copywrite)

Fire (ft. JustMe) (Wizdm Remix)

First Man (ft. Brethren)

Longevity (ft. Ruffian & JustMe)

Something Change (ft. Casual, Wordsworth & Theory Hazit)