Ozay Moore

Oregon, USA

www.facebook.com/GoOzayMoore | twitter.com/ozaymoore

Ozay Moore // FKA Othello // Lightheaded crew

An Emcee, Producer, Recording Artist and Educator. 

He's a veteran to the hip-hop game with a career that's spanned over 20 years and multiple releases.  He also is a community organizer, teacher and the director for Lansing, Michigan's All of the Above Creative - a collective that focuses on instructing youth through the various mediums in hip-hop culture through the perspective of self-discipline, community awareness, artistic expression and educational forward thinking.

Tracks We've Played

Doin' It

Don't Cry

Family (ft. Jyoung, P.H.I.L.T.H.Y, Poems, Venson, Omega, Red Pill)

Go O Say More

StreetLightsBible.com   (0)

Isaiah 53

Elevator Music   (2005)

Good Will Chopping (ft. RedCloud)

Heart (ft. Destro)

How Ya Livin' (ft. Malachi Perez, Deep 6)

Oblivious Enlight (ft. Braille)

Relax Yourself (ft. DJ Manwell)

The Rain System   (2006)

OK Alright

That Feeling (ft. Manchild)

Alive At The Assembly Line   (2007)

Alive At The Assembly Line (ft. Propaganda, Vursatyl)

Cycle (ft. Surreal)

Let's Just

R.A.P.S. (prod. M-Phazes)

Taking L's (prod. 14KT)   (2014)


Record Store Day

Slingshot (ft. Vursatyl & Chip-Fu)

Top Spillin'

In The Wake of O   (2018)

Crowd React (ft. Lightheaded)


L.T.D. (ft. Sareem Poems)

Thumb Drive

Transparent See (ft. Ricky Valenz)

Where You At (ft. James Gardin, Jahshua Smith)

Wow... (ft. Propaganda)

WSTCST (ft. Tony Ozier & Teeko)