Jimmy Dregz

Brisbane, Qld, Australia


Jimmy Dregz is a teenage hip hop artist residing in South Brisbane.

From a young age, Jimmy grew up with a small influence of hip hop throughout the years, whether it be second hand listening from his older brother or just flicking the television to music clips in the early 2000s.

He always seemed to get a fix of hip hop music somehow.  The years went by and Jimmy started high school, there he met a group of hooligans that were taking part in mischievous antics and running amuck with the influence of a death metal and hardcore tunes.  On occasion, among some of these tunes was some local Australian Hiphop, and Jimmy became all the more intrigued.

After he was pulled out of the street scene, and grasping sobriety, he decided to pursue Hip hop even further.  He endeavored to become a producer/Dj.  While trying his best to make beats using simple programs mixing with loops, he decided that he would try to rhyme over the beats that he constructed in these programs, and such was the beginning of an ever growing love for rhyming, and hiphop.

More importantly through Hiphop and Jimmy's school, he was introduced to Krosswerdz Hiphop Church.  At one of the events he heard the testimony of an international artist and as a positive repercussion then stumbled into the world and grace of god.  After some time had passed with many questions and discoveries, Dregz announced his Christianity.  Which he says is a vital part of the tale he wishes to tell through his music.

Tracks We've Played

Iron Giants (Demon Brawl) (ft. Rezadent)