Show for 28 January 2023

The Jabs and the Oaks back for 2023 playing some brand new tunes from some great local and international emcees including an exclusive drop of Th3rdkind’s new track and they even get deep talking about topics like the influence of music, plus some nonsensical antics of course.  Shout out to the apiarists.

  • 6 You Will Listen (Freddie Bruno Remix) New Krum (Playdough) Lonely Superstar 20th Anniversary Remixes  (2022)
  • 1 Yes Lawd (Nah Man) (ft. Kei-Landa & DJ Lethal Skillz) New Randy Mason
  • 3 Stay Strong (ft. Jonnie 3:16) New Izzy n The ProfitAU
  • 1 I Used To New Dee Black
  • 3 Keep in Touch New Th3rdkind
  • 1 One Percent Better New KJ-52
  • 0 Flowers (w/ Jkzn) New Young C
  • 5 Runaway (ft. River, Jon Corbin, DIE-REK) New KrosswerdzAU Uprock Compilation Vol.11  (2022)
  • 0 777 Intro Flashback Dwayne Tryumf 777 (Mark of the Peace)  (2010)
  • 1 Setbacks New 678NATH
  • 3 Mourning Laps (ft. Izzy, Old Mate Hamb, MotionPlus) New The ProfitAU
  • 2 Under the Table (ft. Hemelbesem, Mistery, Shelly.H & ReFlex The Architect) KrosswerdzAU Uprock Compilation Vol.10  (2020)
  • 0 Love (ft. Young C) New Jm3