Krum (Playdough)

Dallas, Texax, USA |

The MC formally known as Playdough is a rare story in Texas hip-hop.  While much of the state is populated by artists who are content to achieve regional fame, and boast about it as if they have taken over the world – this is Texas after all, where everything is “bigger” – Krum remains humble though his career has literally taken him all over the world.  He recently hit number 2 on the CMJ hip-hop charts as well as cracking the Top 200.

Nothing about this MC is typical.  His old name refers to the playtime cornerstone of everyone’s youth, the colorful clay modeling compound known as Play-Doh.  But he’s no toy, and he’s definitely not here to be shaped by anyone’s hand, but his own.

His real name is Doug, and that played a role in his choice of moniker, but there’s a deeper meaning behind the name.  “I try to change my style up and do something unique for each song,” Krum explains, “shaping a melody, cadence and rhyme scheme.”  Much like a sculptor might do when approaching a new piece.  One listen to any of Krum releases and you’ll see that he puts the art before anything.

Tracks We've Played

Broken Vessels (DJ Sean P Remix)


Rick Cua (ft. Con Safos, Nil Void)

Saint Dangle

Take Yours

Lonely Superstar   (2002)

5 Cent Needleheads

Clappy Valentino

Freedom Fighters (ft. Jurny Big)

Lonely Superstar

Palm Sunday

Retract The Feedback (ft. Freddie Bruno)

Seeds Of Abraham

Shadow Dance (ft. LMNO)

Don't Drink The Water   (2006)

Don't Drink the Water

Emergency Broadcast

Ghetto Blaster

Saddle Up

Writer Dye   (2010)

Adidas Have 3 WhiteStripes

Kick in the Doors (ft. Othello & Theory Hazit)

Modest Mouseketeer

Hotdoggin'   (2011)

1 Day

Follow It

Franks & Beans (ft. Gift Of Gab)


My Cadillac

No Angel

Ya Heard (ft. Mr. Dibbs vs The Black Keys)

Writer Dye: Deux or Die   (2012)

Bob Dylan (prod by OhNo)

Cash Rules Everything

Cold N Play

King of Queens

Stroke of Genius (ft. Copywrite)

Bare Knuckle Gospel   (2016)

Abraham's Nephew's Wife


Suitcases and Passports

The Rain Come (ft. Jabee)

Blue Eyed Devil   (2017)

Blue Eyed Devil

Loose On Earth


Tokyo Market (ft. Theory Hazit)

Black Lung   (2021)

Black Powder (ft. Sivion & Ozay Moore)

Capital G (ft. Manchild)

Chops Ahoy (ft. Copywrite)

Hell Knows (ft. Propaganda & Derek Minor)

Trials and Trips (ft. Heath McNease)

Uptown Eyes Wide (ft. Sareem Poems)

Dart   (2021)

Fly Get Down

Love Always (ft. Propaganda & Theory Hazit)

Lonely Superstar 20th Anniversary Remixes   (2022)

Seeds of Abraham (remix)

Sivion's Poem (ft. Sivion)

You Will Listen (Freddie Bruno Remix)