Izzy n The Profit

NSW, Australia

www.facebook.com/izzyntheprofit | www.izzyntheprofit.com

The emcee duo; Izzy (Hailing from Penrith) and The Profit (Central Coast).  They’ve each been hip hop artists for the better part of ten years, and are both constantly striving to play a massive part in the hip hop community and the community in general through charity work, youth work/ministry, outreach and general involvement with young people using hip hop as a means to connect, and empower young people.  They teamed up after meeting as individual support acts at a Fonke Knomaads gig and the journey progressed from there.  Since then, The Profit has released his debut album “Self Regicide” 2010 under Krosswerdz Recordings.

But as a crew they have been working hard on upcoming projects, and just dropped the “Taste-Tester” March 2012; a 3 track sample of what to expect from the Debut album “Pulling Strings” August 2013.  In between writing and recording, the duo now alongside Deejay Maniak (DJ/Productions) and Wizdm (Productions), have had the opportunity to hit the performance scene and have supported/shared stage/worked alongside names such as:

USA - Jin, Tha Dogg Pound, Braille, Sevin, KJ52, George Moss, Urban D, Everyday Process, Busdriver, BRB
AUS - Def Wish Cast, Brethren, Last Kinnection, Brotha Black, Thundamentals, Hyjak n Torcha, Tycotic, Mirrah, Mind Over Matter, DJ Mathematics and many more.

Tracks We've Played


Each One Teach One

Heart Goes Out (ft. Oakbridge & Zeadala)

Never Gunna Look Back (ft. Shelly.H)

Stay Strong (ft. Jonnie 3:16)

Strain (ft. DJ Maniak)

Struggle Remix


What's Your Name freestyle @ Nuck Chorris band night

Spitin' In The Ezki vol.1   (2010)

It Takes...

Real Hip Hop

These Changes

Wake Up

Uprock Compilation 2012   (2012)

What's It All About (ft. Oakbridge)

Pulling Strings   (2013)

Animal (ft. Rezadent)

Dedicate (ft. Broadkast)

New Day (ft. B-Don)

On Point (ft. Oakbridge)

Pulling Strings

Rattle Ya Cage

Reel Game (remix) (w/ Sevin)


The Knowing (ft. Braille)

You'd Sound Better (ft. Brethren)

Uprock Compilation 2013   (2013)

Talk to Us

KWRemixed: Sounds Like Dsipl   (2014)

Animal (Remix)

What's It All About? (Remix)

Uprock Compilation 2014   (2014)

Mourning After (ft. Mz-Tanz)

Uprock Compilation 2015   (2015)

Too Much (ft. The Praying Mantis)

Uprock Compilation 2016   (2016)

For Real

Uprock Compilation 2018   (2018)

What It Takes

Uprock Compilation Vol.10   (2020)

The Knowing (Remix) (ft. Braille & Kris-Bo)