Malaysia Trip 2015 Pics & Vids

Posted in 'News' on 11 August 2015, updated 15 August 2015.

Hip-hop is all around the world, and some Krosswerdz Australians got to spend a few weeks in Malaysia in July.  They helped out with Project Hip Hope and Passion, amongst other gigs and workshops.  It was also a great time being able to hang with people, eat at the mamak, and see the sights.

The Aussie team was Mistery, Izzy, BRB, The Guard, Ekles, Shelly.H, and myself (K-man). 

Shout-outs to Silvya Lo, BigCow, Mervin, Ben Enoch, Hope For Autism Society, Lego Sam, Coex, Vandal, Lethal Skillz, TRuF, ARon, Zoro, Eishan, David, Masta D......  props!

Some of the sights and sounds from our time there:

Passion 2015 re-cap video

Passion 2015 in Kuala Lumpur

Project Hip Hope 2015 in Ipoh

Bonus video for The Profit 😆

The Profit got some air-play in Malaysia! (Instagram)

We can't wait to come back!

Check out Krosswerdz Malaysia and Mythology Project for more photos and videos.

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