Krosswerdz Tenth Anniversary Jam Recap

18 Jun 2016 | News

The Krosswerdz 10th Anniversary Jam went off in Sydney on Saturday 30/5. 

It was run by the Sydney crew in their current dwellings at The Embassy church.  Attended by people as far away as the Central Coast, Canberra, and Malaysia.

We were taken through a journey from the first Krosswerdz in May 2006, through the many highs and some lows.  Stories, praise tracks, rap performances, dance performance, and a message.

I loved it when they'd have some old performance footage, and synced it up with the live performance.  For example Brethren performing Rock live alongside old stage footage.  You could feel the emotion when they had Rangsta Boogie dancing on screen, as his last night on earth was the Krosswerdz 7th anniversary.

You got a sense of the journey that Krosswerdz has taken.  From the start, you could see it's God guiding Krosswerdz.  The community and impact that God has made already through Krosswerdz around Australia and the world, shows God's work in this.  Thanks and praise to Jesus Christ for the impact he has made on Krosswerdz through his people.

I recorded a few interviews at the 10th anniversary with fellow Krosswerdz members.  From those who were there in begining, to someone who Krosswerdz reached overseas.

Podcast episodes:

  • Part 1 - Genesiz, The Guard, Oakbridge
  • Part 2 - Izzy, Jabs, Jesta
  • Part 3 - Beatroot, Masta D, Mistery

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Happy 10th birthday to Krosswerdz!