Sydney, NSW, Australia |

Hailing from West Sydney, Genesiz comes as a breath of fresh air in today’s Christian Hip Hop scene. Highly respected in both the Australian & American music industries respectively, Genesiz has been blessed to minister with & alongside the likes of Tha Dogg Pound, Sevin, The Gospel Gangstaz, Lecrae, DJ Salam Wreck, Tedashii, Minister RMB, Everyday Process, KJ-52, Youth Alive, Stan Walker, Bikers for Christ, Your Dream ministries & several others.

He has quickly become one of Australia’s most sought after hip hop ministers and his debut album REDEMPTION has quickly become one of the highest selling Australian hip hop albums. Having charted at number 10 in the secular hip hop charts through reverbnation for three consecutive months, Genesiz has solidified his place in the hip hop arena within Australia, proving that positive God focused hip hop can stand up in the secular world.

Genesiz has also been instrumental in bringing change into lives through his faith in God and testimony of redemption. "Genesiz is all about being authentic. His music is evident of his passion for Christ. He has a servant’s heart and always puts others before himself” states Minister RMB when prompted on his thoughts of the Australian rapper.

But the road to redemption was not easily travelled. Born the son of a pastor, Genesiz learnt quickly that following God was an individual journey, one he forsook in his teens. But in 2001, Genesiz came to a place of hopelessness. With no one else to turn to, he looked to God. His life redeemed, Genesiz took a 180 and began a new chapter.

Several years later, he lost two close friends to cancer & suicide within 5 weeks of each other. Inspired by the life of one, & saddened by the loss of the other, Genesiz began “The Commission” – a hip hop outreach ministry. “I just felt like my life was created for so much more than living to retire. I was challenged to create a legacy with my life, and to do something with my life that could have eternal effects. So my focus had to shift from me, to others” says Genesiz.

Tracks We've Played


Shut Us Down (ft. Jonnie 3:16)

Still I Rise


Take Me Home (ft. Outlawz)

Thank God (ft. Daz Dillinger)

Redemption   (2010)

Behind Enemy Linez


Lost Soulz (ft. Sevin)

Outta The Ruff (ft. Protege, Maybelle Galuvao)

Ride Or Die (ft. Gospel Gangstaz)

I Am Legacy   (2012)

Battle Cry (ft. Silaz, D4C, Tim Turner, Grasp & Miss Tanz)

Battle Cry Remix (ft. Silaz, D4C, Tim Turner, Grasp & Miss Tanz)

Growing Cold (ft. Eric C & Tim Turner)

I Am Legacy (ft. Sevin, Silaz)

I'm On It (ft. BRB, LOA)

The One and Only (ft. Delany)

The Carpe Diem Project   (2014)

Battle Cry SECRET MYX (ft. Silaz, D4C, Tim Turner, Grasp, Mz Tanz)

Comradz DOPE MYX (ft. Mr G Reality)

I Am Legacy LOWRIDIN' MYX (ft. Sevin & Silaz)

We Are N   (2014)

Nobody Cares (ft. Maskerade)

Pass Me The Crown (ft. Deleney)

Round & Round (ft. Zero, Maskerade)