Los Angeles, California, USA

Dynamic, soulful, experimental, and clever, all focused on the heart of a person.  With an uncompromising message intertwined with hot rhythms and beats, Los Angeles based, Propaganda, lyrically puts together potent relevant music and poetry that reaches across the spectrum of youth and pop culture.  Bringing with him years of classroom teaching and community service experience, he is eloquently bold in the message of each song and never shies away from a strong poetic element in his music.  His Subject matter ranges from staying accountable God as well as standing up boldly for one's faith both in word and in one's life.  Not to mention aggressive battle rap and political awareness.

Tracks We've Played

Freestyle (live)


One Two

Out of Knowhere   (2003)

My Life, My Music (ft. Macho)

Time and Place (ft. Kuliah)

I Am Not Them   (2006)

I Am Not Them (ft. Big Rec, Ozay Moore)

Ready To Leave (ft. Triune, Hilsyde & Macho)

Listen Watch Focus   (2009)

Canvas (ft. Tsaka One)

Return Of The Juke Joint (ft. Zane One)

Say Good Lord (ft. New Breed)

Art Ambidextrous   (2011)

Beautiful Pain

Change This World (ft. Braille)



So Help Me

Excellent   (2012)

Conquer (ft. Theory Hazit)

Don't LIsten To Me


I Ain't Got An Answer (ft. Sho Baraka)

Precious Puritans (ft. KO)

Raise The Banner

Redefine Cutter (ft. Lee Green)

Crimson Cord   (2014)

Daywalkers (ft. Lecrae)

How Did We Get Here (ft. Andy Mineo & JGivens)


Three Cord Bond

Crooked   (2017)

Bear With Me (ft. Marz Ferrer)

Crooked Way (ft. Terence F. Clark)

Cynical (ft. Aaron Marsh & Sho Baraka)

Darkie (ft. Micah Boures & Jackie Hill-Perry)

Do Know Wrong (ft. Macho)

Made Straight (ft. Audrey Assad)


Slow Cook

Terraform: The People   (2021)

We All In (ft. DJ Mal-Ski & Lecrae)

We Are The Culture (ft. DJ Mal-Ski)

We Need You (ft. V. Rose & DJ Mal-Ski)

Terraform: The Sky   (2021)

Calibrate (ft. Jacob G & Sam Hackett)

Terraform (ft. Brandi Price)