Tracks We've Played

Blacktown Showdown Freestyle

Changed Hearts (ft. DJ Efechto)

Divorced From Reality (ft. Illumination Project)

Feel It (Gruntwork Remix)

Flex (ft. A.I. The Anomaly)

Hip Hop Music (Remix) (ft. Sivion & Sojourn)

How Many Days?


Push It Down


Summer Rain (ft. PoetiCS)

The Blessed Are (ft. OnBeatMusic)

Yet Always Rejoicing (ft. Lynnea)

Shades of Grey   (2004)

10 Years (ft. Toni Hill)


Hip Hop Music (ft. Rob Swift)

It Won't Last (ft. Othello, Pigeon John)

Keep On


Poetry in Motion Part 2

Right This Moment

Shades of Grey

Soul Rock

Box Of Rhymes   (2006)

Antenna (ft. Speech & Nehemiah Booker)

Box of Rhymes


Everything Changed

Fresh Coast

The IV   (2008)

Blessed Man

Calculated Risk (ft. Mr J Medeiros & Manchild)

Counter Attack

Double Dose

Remember Your Path (ft. Rob Swift)

Submission Hold

The IV (ft. Rob Swift)

Hip Hope Hits 2009   (2009)

Hip Hope

Walking Loud

Humble Beginnings   (2010)

The Dream That You Gave To Me (w/ Citizen Aim)

Night Owls 5   (2010)

Fite Nite (w/ Kaboose, RedCloud)

Weapon Aid   (2010)

Resurrect Me

Revenge (The Right Way)


Native Lungs   (2011)

Death In Me (ft. Theory Hazit, Odd Thomas)


Feel It

Native Lungs

Nightmare Walking

Step Up

The Hardway (ft. Andy Mineo)

Too Many Tomorrows

Rapzilla Presents … King Kulture   (2012)

Lift Up